Who We Are

Thought Provokers / Pixel Wranglers / Digital Creators

We are a cooperative marketing agency working at the intersection of design, content, programming, and strategy.

Founded in 2018, Catalyst Marketing is the result of three partners coming together to deliver bespoke business solutions through the alchemy of technology, client service, and design. As partners we possess a mutiny of skills from innovative business strategy to creative problem-solving design; our team is a catalyst for transformation and agents for effective change.

We collaborate with professionals we can learn from that are best-fit to see your vision come to life. We work across industries creating, executing and delivering world-class results on any sized project.

Honesty is our currency, excellence is our end-game.

What We Do

Our Principles


We are approachable.

Simple, yet true! We're experts in our field who want to work with you and your team.


We are communicators.

We’ll always say what’s on our mind to ensure your project’s highest potential and success.


We value people over profit.

Our purpose in business is to improve lives. We are a cooperative because we believe together we can be better.


We can handle the truth.

Honesty is our fuel. We deliver what you want because we listen to you.


We surround ourselves with talented people.

Individuals and professionals that have a track record of excellence.


We are not your model agency.

As a cooperative, we contribute and hold ourselves personally accountable for success.

“Knowledgeable, highly skilled, and outstanding customer service. Catalyst Marketing executed our vision and needs to reach our target audience with perfection.”

Dan Swedberg / Founder
Merrymen Magazine

“The website looks awesome! Thank you. It is something we can be very proud of and will serve as a very important business tool for us.”

Andrew Greer / Co-Founder

“We have been working with Catalyst Marketing for over 5 years now and it has been a pleasure. Catalyst’s team designed our website to be cutting edge with the capability of adding new features as our company and website continues to grow.”

Jeff Houghton / Owner
H&H Custom Homes

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At Catalyst Marketing we build more than websites and marketing strategies; our client relationships are our most valued asset.

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