When great ideas meet passionate people

Good Things Happen.

We are not your model agency.

Catalyst Marketing was founded on the belief that when people love their job, their team and feel valued for their work the proof is in the product. We embrace passion and creativity, steer clear of constraints and continually redefine the status quo.

At Catalyst we believe great things come together when your idea meets the right people. Our job is your vision… catalyzed.

What We Do

We are approachable.

We are communicators.

We value people over profit.

We can handle the truth.

We surround ourselves with talented people.

We are not your model agency.

Merrymen Magazine

We helped Merrymen Magazine establish their web presence with custom built article sliders and engaging post layouts to reach their target audience.

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What We Do

We are cooperative thinkers, do-ers and like-minded professionals ready to put your marketing efforts on speed-boost. We know we can’t do it all, so we engage our community and add freelancers to our Catalyst team to bring the best of the best for your project. We never promise what we can’t deliver and allocate resources to those best-fit to see your vision into fruition.

Branding & Identity

We help you achieve your goals by finding out who you are, why your brand exists and delivering your unique message to prospective customers.

Graphic Design

Through the careful use of typography, photography and illustration we produce marketing collateral that is engaging and always goal-oriented.

Web Design & Development

Your website is not a project. It is an ongoing process that takes sustained focus, ample resources and a culture of continuous improvement to reach your audience.

Copywriting & Social Media

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell. We help you tell your brand’s stories through powerful visual content and insightful copy.

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